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    Question Heated blowers

    Who's using heated blowers for CS ventilation? Your pros & cons please.

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    We have a Super Vac "Heat Pac 25" blower and heater on our rescue. We have played with it a few times in training, but have not had to use it on an incident to date. It is propane-fired, and has a flex-duct off the blower. We had a problem with the electric ignition system initially - it wouldn't work off some of our generators. Our maintenance guys contacted Super Vac, and they sent us a replacement circuit board which cured the problem. We found a good way to store the flex-duct is in a 5 gallon plastic pail with a snap on lid. You can compress the hose in the pail - just be careful when you pop the lid off! We labled the pail to warn anyone opening it - kind of like a jack-in-the-box! Stay safe.

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