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    Do you think EMS personnel should be trained in Technical Rescue? Why or why not? To what level?

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    S. Cook
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    Depends on the medical training/skills of the tech. rescue team.

    If the tech rescue team isn't up to speed medically, they'll need the EMS to assist with treatment, packaging and such prior to evacuating the patient.

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    Look at the profile of your technical rescue operations. If you have situations where medical intervention is required within a (for instance) vertical/high-anle environment, it is probably best if the rescue personnel on-scene are able to do what is medically necessary (at a minimum stabilize and package)to get the victim out and to a point where additional/advanced interventions can be done.

    Remember that doing medical in the technical rescue environment (applying c-spine precautions while 200 feet up a cliff) involves not only tecnical rescue skills/experience - AND a high level of comfort in the environment (you can't do medical well if you are focused on your 'biners, etc.), but experience in applying EMS skills in that environment. This needs to be factored in if you want to add technical rescue skills to EMS responder's bag of tricks.

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    BC White
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    When we set up our Tactical Rescue Team, we made it a priority that interested paramedics were also team members. The initial goal was a TRT/medic on each shift.
    EMS in tech rescue is very much like an MVA w/ entrapment......most of the time ALS happens outside of the vehicle, unless an extended operation. BLS happens before ALS, which is an industry standard.
    This year we have a team drill (trench) in which one of the objectives is to address the EMS sector. IV established, fluids maintained, oxygen with extended tubing, and packaging.
    Having a tech member with ALS/BLS skills can be a huge help, particularly since we are working in such tight areas. If the patient area has been shored, and we are working on another,and it's time to take a quick set of vitals, we can use one of the guy's in the hole and not have to swap him out for an EMT
    Weather you make the medic/EMT a tech rescuer, or the tech rescuer a medic/EMT, treatment in some tech rescues has it's place.
    We not only need to consider the patients, but we also have to think of our fellow rescuers that may be injured or trapped during the course of the initial rescue operation.
    If I'm not mistaken, basic first-aid/CPR is required in 1910.146 for confined space rescures.

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