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    What homemade tools have you built for a special purpose in rescue?

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    Way back when, my Dad's dept took a leaf spring from a car, cut it down to about 8-12", grinded down one side to a chiseled edge, and wrapped foan and duct tape around the opposite end. Then you would strike the tool with a hand sledge or rubber mallet and it sliced through sheet metal like a hot knife through butter. They had new extrication tools, and air chisels, but it was another thing int he tool box.
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    Several weeks ago we had a call for a hang-glider who had crashed into the top of a 80' tree. The local squad arrived and couldn't figure out a way to get him down so they called us. The victim was not injured and there were no limbs on the tree. Access was poor, he was located on the top of a mountain so no ladder trucks or even portable ladders.

    We used a fishing pole to get a line up to him, he then pulled up a 1/2" rope which he looped over a V in the tree and connected it into his harness (luckily he was a park ranger so he was experienced with roopes/knots). We then lowered him down... entire rescue took 15 minutes.

    Since then, we have fashioned a sling-shot with a closed-head fishing reel using 30# fishing line and a lead weight. It works great! If you miss, you just reel the line back in. Just be sure to aim over your victim.
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    Originally posted by RFRDxplorer
    Way back when, my Dad's dept took a leaf spring from a car...

    We have one of these in the toolbox, it works great. Only we used a lawnmower blade.


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