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    Post Tech. Rescue Work Sheet

    Most departments have what I call a "Tactical Worksheet" in the command post for fire/haz-mat incidents. Some departments use a command board. Basic incident information such as:
    Location of incident
    Sectors/groups assigned with oic's
    Mode of operation
    Apparatus staged/committed
    Other benchmarks
    And so on....
    It's more or less a check list to help run/track the incident.
    Do you have a "Tactical Work Sheet" or "Command Board" just for Tech. Rescue incidents?
    I am currently working on one for my department and would like some ideas.

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    We have tactical worksheets for all of our TRT situations, Trench, Confined space, Rope rescue, and structual collapse.

    They are basicly just checklists for the different sectors or jobs at an incident, Like first in unit, incident command, technical rescue sector.

    We basically sat down and made a list of everything that needed to be done, and who needed to do it. then put that on cards in a check list. Copies are kept on our heavy rescue, chief's buggy and technical rescue trailer.

    E-mail me with a fax # if you nedd to see a copy or need more info


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    We use the standard Incident Command board with a few changes. We add EMS, Staging, Rehab (if needed), Public Information (if extended period, a BIG job, or a lot of press), and Tech Rescue. Tech rescue can be broken down for various types of work (ropes, rigging, entry, accountability officer (the guy that gets to document all this stuff), and I'm sure I'm missing something. Also, make sure you document times for everything, especially confined space, and have a LOT of people qualified to do other jobs as needed.

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