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    Post Load release hitches

    I am interested to know how many people use load release straps, and how well they work. Any info anyone has would be nice.

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    Any time that their is potential for a haul system to become a lowering system a load releasing hitch should be used.

    The CMC rope rescue manual 3rd ed. has some very good examples of the load releasing hitch in use on belay, lowering and hauling systems.

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    I am a member of an industrial confined space rescue team and we use one every time we constuct a haul system. Every rescue is different and if for some unknown reason that haul system must be turn into a lowering system you have an excellent way to release the load at a control rate.They work great for holding the load until you get a lowering device into the system. You can buy load release straps already made with d-rings or you can constuct your own by using webbing and 3 caribiners. Everyone on our team uses the CMC field guide rescue manual (3rd edition) for ropes and riggings. It is a spiral bound manual that can be carried in your pocket.

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    We use LRH's in all raising/lowering systems. We tie them using 9mm static line and two carabiners. Quick, easy, effective and one less piece of specialized gear to carry.

    In general load release hitches work very well when rigged/used properly.

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    For a good report on LRH comparisons go to www.riggingforrescue.com. Click on the publications section on the left bar. There is even an example of a cordage LRH on that page. If that report doesn't answer your queations, your asking the wrong questions!!
    note: The report costs $20, but it would cost you thousands to do these tests your self.

    I hope this helps. If you have any questions just e-mail me.

    ~~John Troyer~~
    Sedgwick County Fire Dept
    Tech. Rescue Station #37
    Wichita, KS
    Hutchinson Comm. College
    Tech Rescue Instructor

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    I use a LRH in all main line applications, whether raising or lowering. I use 9 mm cord with a Munter hitch and 2 carabiners. This puts me ahead of the game when it becomes necessary to switch from raise to lower.

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