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    Question Agricultural / Farm Machinery Rescue

    I am involved in a research project to assist in developing a rescue specialist training package, and am seeking info on what off the shelf or locally developed training curriculum's are being used succesfully to teach farm or agricultural machinery rescue.

    Additionally, what is the time frame and delivery format for your agencies program? Any agency willing to share information will be acknowledged appropriately by the university completing the project.

    Responses would be appreciated to also be emailed directly to bcfd29@philly.infi.net

    Thanks in advance for your help...

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    The Virginia Association of Volunteer Rescue Squads (VAVRS) has a Farm Machinery Extrication class. It is normally taught over a Friday Night, Saturday, Sunday.

    Depending on where the class is taught - the field portion may range from actually cutting/forcing/dismantling equipment to just a walk through of the local farm equipment dealers lot.

    Your best bet for more information on this program is to contact the VAVRS directly. Contact information can be found at http://www.vavrs.com

    Good luck with your program.

    Take Care- Stay Safe

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    Forsyth Rescue Squad in NC uses the FARMEDIC program to teach its responders farm extrication. This is a canned program that is sponsored by Alfred State University, and is a nationally recognized program for farm extrication training. The program I present as a national instructor begins on a Friday nite and runs Saturday and Sunday for a total of 22-24 hours depending on class size. We teah stabilization,extrication, scene hazards, confine space awareness, causes of farm accidents and several other topics in the lecture portion. Most of the class is hands-on and a great experience for most rescures. Contact Dave Oliver at FARMEDIC on the web for more info. Contact me at rsqguru@aol for more info about our local program with Farmedic.

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    I also just took the course offered through Alfred State College it was a great course. In PA you could contact the NE PA area health education center either at their website www,nepaahec.org or call them at 570 945 5623 good luck


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    I have seen "Farm Medic" offered in Delaware but I don't know who offers it or when. I have not been able to attend. You could probably check with the DE State Fire School or DE Office of EMS.
    Years ago, we got this type of training from the agriculture cooperative.

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