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    Post Personal Escape (Rope Rescue)

    My department is re-evaluating our personal escape rope system. We presently have a personal escape package assigned to all of our SCBAs. The package consists of the following items, 20 meters of 3/8 lifeline, 2 aluminum carabiners (standard large), and an outer-bag that is attached to the SCBA frame. The 3/8 rope is loaded into the bag and finished with a compact figure 8 knot with one of the carabiners attached to the 8 knot. The other carabiner is pre-loaded a few inches away from the end knot using a Munter friction hitch. When deployed the end-knot of the system is attached to an anchor (tool or other anchor point) and the Munter is attached to our integrated class II harness within our bunker gear. We are considering replacing the Munter hitch with another type of friction hitch or configuration. Any info regarding personal experience utilizing other friction configurations would be greatly appreciated.

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    There are several compact descenders on the market designed to be used with small diameter escape line that you could look at. How much time do you spend having your FF practice bailing out with your set up? have you had problems with the SCBA throwing the FF off balance while trying to bail?

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    There is one device I bought at FDIC that is realy low pro and is very versitle too.
    It is like a figure 8, but it has 7 holes on it so it can be set for different frictions.
    Hope this helps!


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