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    Post swift water rescue PFD's

    looking for any ideas on PFD's for swiftwater rescue, whats good whats bad, what do u use and why ect ect

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    SRS, Wildwasser, Extrasport, and some others make good swiftwater rescue vests.

    Look for features like:
    High flotation (very useful with contact rescues or when the subject is not wearing a PFD.
    Adjustability (a good fit is critical)
    Quick release cam buckle on tether/harness
    Various attachment points(for knife,whistle, strobe, etc.
    Pockets (w/drain holes)
    Reflective panels/bars

    The vest should be designed for swiftwater rescue and meet/exceed all certifying agency requirements (I don't know about Australia, but in the US, Underwriter's Laboratory (UL) and/or Coast Guard requirements are good).

    Attend some training and ask instructors or experienced people their preferences. You may even be able to try some "demo" models. Remember the PFD is a tool - rescuers can/do die with the best equipment - train, train, train.

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