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    Post Basket Stretchers

    Which do you prefer and why, the wire baskets or the plastic models?

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    The mil spec metal stokes is the strongest. For high angle work it is the best.

    If you need a plastic one to drag across the snow or mud then your only choice is the yellow one from JUNKIN. Stay away from the orange FERNO basket it is just too weak for technical rescue work.

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    We use metal. We do a fair number of helicopter hoists and most plastic litters just don't have the strength so we don't take the chance of a problem.

    High angle work - especially in wilderness settings demand the durability of steel. We are going to try out one of the new light-weight titanium models to see how they work.

    If you use a litter wheel you will need a metal basket since they don't attach well to most of the plastic models.

    For snow evacs, CASCADE makes some good units. We also have a Thompson litter - (I believe - no longer avail.) that works well (in fact a stokes will nest in it if necessary).

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    As far as RESCUE baskets the only wat to go is welded stainless steel baskets.
    Try staying away from any baskets that have square or "chicken wire" mesh around the underside, that stuff will only cause you grief and get you hung up on everything possible.
    As far as mountain rescue goes...well a plastice stretcher may be great for dragging ....but I would perfer a SKED streatcher....light wieght, easy to carry and above all great for hoisting and draging over any surface.

    Every streatcher has its purpose, whethter it be designed for high angle/ confined space rescues or mountain rescue...the best chioce is the one that will be great for your department....
    We bought both a welded stretcher as well as a Sked stretcher... just remember that your spine boards have to fit in the wire ones and they don't take the squared boards...we now have a scrap board

    Stay safe and take care;

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    Are Rescue truck carries on of each, wire (dipped in rubber) and plastic.

    Generally we use the plastic basket for low angle work and the wire one for high angle.
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    I'm also in favor of the military spec. stokes basket. Especially if you are like many of us, and have to carry it somewhere that is exposed to the elements from time to time, with its coating. It will help resister corroding. I also have to say ditto on the sked. It is a valuable piece of equipment that has numerous applications. With constant training, you can package someone up in no time.

    The above is my opinion only and doesn't reflect that of any dept/agency I work for, deal with, or am a member of.

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    plastic baskets are useless for helo rescues because they act as aifoils and spin out of control in the rotor wash. i'm sure many of you have seen that video.....

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    Like Buckethead, I agree that the wire or mil spec baskets are best for helo rescue, but only if you are doing a short haul. If the basket is going to be plced inside the chopper after they lift it, use 2 tag lines and that will reduce the spin.

    Also, the yellow basket from Junkin, with the steel rim around the top for rigging, is rated to use for any rescue situation. It is lighter, you don't have to worry about snags, and it is actually rated stronger than the mil spec baskets. We sat the basket between 2 tables at a school and stood 3 healty guys in the middle. We had about 700+ pounds inside the thing, supported only by the ends. The basket did not even flex a few inches.

    Before you decide what basket to use, look at what is available now. You might see that one basket will work for every application, as opposed to having to carry 2.

    Also, I agree the orange baskets that most people use for low angle work are good if you will be doing VERY LOW angle work. They also work well as a sled in a blizzard! (Not that anyone has ever done that! )

    I still haven't had a chance to work with the sked system, but I am trying to get one through a rescue grant for our department. It looks impressive and I have heard nothing but praise.
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