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    Post Elevator Emergencies

    I am looking for 2 Items, 1 some time of SOP/SOG for elevator emergencies and Also i am looking for somewhere to purchase elevator keys for different types of elevators, I seem to remmember seeing a set of like 12 keys, but I dont know where it was. Thanks
    Keith Badler
    Robertsville Volunteer Fire Co. #1
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    Iowa American makes a ring of elevator keys.

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    As far as an SOG for elevator operations, send me an e-mail @ MacintyreEMT@firehousemail.com.

    Pittsburgh EMS does Elevator rescue in Pittsburgh and have a set way of doing things... ill see if its on paper anyway.
    Shawn MacIntyre EMT
    Pittsburgh EMS EMT-2
    Fraternal Assoc. of Prof. Paramedics

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    A local department here recently had an elevator repair contractor come in and do an awareness training session on elevator rescue. It turned out to be a very good training session. It appears that people don't always call the fire department every time they have a stuck elevator. The elevator repair people get the call frequently, so they have much more experience than most firefighters. The training was sound and his practices were safe.

    Following the classroom session, we went to the local University campus and examined the inner workings of the two primary elevator types (cable and hydraulic). He also provided the department with a few keys that they were missing to open elevator doors. I would suggest you get into the yellow pages and look for elevator repair services. Make some calls and see who would like to help you out.
    Richard Nester
    Orrville (OH) Fire Dept.

    "People don't care what you know... until they know that you care." - Scott Bolleter

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    Here is a city trick of the trade...

    In place of elevator keys, try and use a dipstick (what you use to measure oil and transmission fluids in your car) - Cut it down from the end between 6"-10" and with a pair of pliers make a small 90 degree hook at the end of the metal dipstick
    Now, to access elevator compartments holding on to the loop, or handle for the dipstick, insert the hook into the access hole in the upper part of the door. Push downward, It will catch the release, and it will allow the door to open.

    A lot of us truckies carry these in our helmets. We get a lot of calls for elevator emergencies, aside from the ususal entrapment, the current trend with teenagers is elevator surfing, climbing up on top of the car and riding in the shaft as the elevator moves from floor to floor. It makes for some good rescue calls.

    I hope I left a good enough description for you.

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    As far as SOP is concerned, our department uses a combination of CSR and high angle safety precautions. For example, if you are performing a top hatch or cross car extraction, every member must be secured with a lifeline and harness. Additionally, most elevator incidents are not emergencies, just an inconvienience for the occupants. My suggestion is to pre-plan as much as possible the types of elevators in your area. My experience has been that most elevators are repeat offenders, having the same problem each time you are called. This, however, might not be the case if there is any type of vandalism involved (forcing the doors to gain access for a "surf ride".

    As far as a key set, we purchased ours from:
    Firemark Tool Company Inc.
    P.O. Box 2146
    Upper Marlboro, MD. 20773-2146

    The set is $190.00

    Hope this info. has helped.
    Ed Beirne, Metro West FPD

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    I don't have our SOP on hand, but as for elevator keys, you could also try Dayley. I also don't have their catalog on hand, but you can go to their web page at www.edarley.com. Their price is also around $190.
    Lt. John Kaltenbach
    Mifflin Fire - Rescue 133
    Gahanna, OH

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    In addition to our SOPs (available if you still need sample SOPs) we also follow OSHA "Lock Out Tag Out" Standard #29 CFR 1910.147

    I suggest that you look into that standard and into getting and using Lock Out Tag Out kits.

    eighty two @ aol.com

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    Hooks Unlimited in Wall Twsp.has complete sets of elevator keys.

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