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    Looking for thoughts on rescuing a patient from towers, IE: cellular and radio transmision towers. Found some descending devices that are available commercially.

    Has anyone delt with these types of rescues before. It seems like it involves a little more strategy than rapeling. And the heights may be greater than the lengths of rope we have to work with.

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    Don't really have an answer for you, but check out Fallright at

    They have various training courses and two that may be of interest are:
    Tower Rescue Certificate III (3 days)
    Pole Top Rescue (2.5 days)

    They're an Australian company but I beleive they have trainers and distributers in the USA.

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    Hello, here is some info on training for you. It may be a drive and a half from York but this is some good training. Bowling Green State University run the "State Fire School" and they have some Tower Rescue classes scheduled for Oct 15/26 and Nov 5/6. Both of these are the same class, they are two day classes. You may contact Them at or call them at 1-887-650-8165. I just rec'd this info a couple of weeks ago...hope it helps. Take care

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    Try Reed Thorne's Rigging for Rescue programs.

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    my only advice is to stick with rappell racks for descending with a patient. it's relatively simple, you can adjust the amount of friction even while loaded, it can provide a lot MORE friction than an eight or some other devices and it is easy to lock off securely. it is also rated for much heavier loads than many commercial devices that may or may not be specifically designed for rescue as opposed to climbing or personal descent.

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    ask the guys who got the idiot off the Statue of Liberty last week..

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