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    William D Walker
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    Default user hostile website

    please attempt to remember that some of us are not webheads and are not familiar with 90% of the crap you guys talk about.i've attempted to enter chat areas and can see comments made by others, but i'll be damned if i can find how to or where to type my responses to their questions.i'm a firefighter, not some kind of computer geek.PS ,i am a CNA (Novell 4.11)so i DO have a fair idea about these computer thingies.

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    Sounds like a job for the Web Team! Hang in there, Bill, the Team will give you some tips.

    But hey, Team, how come this happens:
    When trying to post a reply, the TAB usually moves you from name to password to reply - EXCEPT sometimes. Sometimes the cursor bar just flat disappears into never land. I have to grab the mouse and whirl him around to re-plant the cursor bar with a click in the reply box.
    AOL also interrupts to say I've been idle and do I really want to hang around; these interruptions always make the cursor bar disappear and require the mouse to re-insert the bar where the interruption (just happened) happened.

    Answer this if you can, but please don't forget to help Bill.

    Phred from Ohio

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    OK, I took the hint & tried Internet Explorer. It works and I might like it BUT !!
    Those {lots of filthy words} AOL reminders that [you've been idle] and/or [do you really want to stay on?] become hidden when using Explorer. Instead of just being interrupted and having to click on the reply, when using Explorer I don't even get a hint that the warning has been given: I know something's up when I hear that happy voice announce "Goodbye!" and the screen grinds to a frozen, disconnected, wilderness.

    Now guys and gals, that su**s, is frustrating, and makes reading your forums less than total fun!! HOW do / can you, we or I fix it so AOL takes a break and doesn't bug me??? OR, how can you, we or I fix it so at least I can see the AOL warning and reply in time to prevent the disconnect (when using Explorer)??

    Reply as a post; I hope I'm not the only dummie plagued with this problem. Thankx!!

    Phred from Ohio

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    Well, we're no AOL experts...but in your personal preferences there MIGHT be a way to set it to not prompt you about being online, but I'm not 100% sure.

    AOL does provide a great service for reasonable prices compared to many ISPs, but they make it (on purpose probably) extremely hard to use a regular browser while connected to AOL because they want you to stay there...and even when you are using THEIR browser it still prompts you about being idle.

    This is because they want you to use AOL's services and online features rather than those on the internet..so you see their advertisers, etc. When someone is using AOL's browser, they're still essentially leaving AOL and I'm sure thats not their goal.

    So, in reality, the only true resolution would be to get a local ISP. These days many ISPs are very reasonably priced and allow unlimited access (or at least they should). Now, if you still use AOL you'd have to pay double, but its the only way to surf the internet without interupption or annoyances from AOL.

    Most of today's web sites are designed for Microsoft's Internet Explorer or Netscape's 4.0+ versions...and while AOL uses Microsoft, it doesnt include all the features so the best way to view the Internet -- including Firehouse.Com -- is to use a separate browser and just find a way to deal with the AOL problem. Luckily, more and more people are realizing the problems and using a separate browser while connected to AOL. I don't know how to solve the "idle" problem, other than maybe checking your mail on AOL every half hour or so, so it thinks you're still there.

    Just for general info, surprisingly only about 17% of our visitors connect to us via AOL...thats down from about 30% from other sites we've had experience with just a year or so ago.

    Hope that answers everyone's questions.

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    I have to agree with the webteam. I had another friend who made the same complaints about AOL's warnings. But you have to understand its purpose, it is designed to eliminate those that are inactive thus freeing up phone lines with what are presumed to be inactive. Remember the days of constant busy signals?? This is one of their remedies. But as the webteam mentions, setting your email to recheck automatically every so many minutes (whatever the time threshhold is) seems to work in most cases.

    My friend found a local ISP and the problem is gone.

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