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    The show recent messages since yesterday, x3days, x5 days etc. is a nice feature. It would be nice for this to have a user inputted time frame. Also, the since yesterday function does not work, it only shows you yesterdays posts, not todays.

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    Thanks for visiting the Firehouse Interactive Message Forums.

    When you use the "since yesterday" function, you need to click "next matches" at the top or bottom of the page...it does show all messages since "yesterday".

    The default view is 30 postings per page. At the very top of all search pages it should read "Displaying Matches xx-xx (xx total) and then say "[Next Matches]" to continue forward to additional matches

    Unfortunately, we can't have user-submitted days back at this time, but will add it if the BB provider offers in future editions.

    Firehouse WebTeam

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    Okay, got it, however, would it not be better to show in reverse order? newest to oldest. That would allow frequent users to check only stuff they missed. It may not appear to be such a big issue now, but once these forums really take off (and they will) it would be much easier to track.
    Besides that, keep up the awesome job you guys are doing.

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