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    Default New Feature Requests for Forum System

    The WebTeam will hate me for this. Although these forums are well designed and very feature-rich, there are a few things that some of us might like suggest as possible improvements. Can we use this thread to list our ideas as "wouldn't it be nice, if..." suggestions that the WebTeam can review? They can pass the good ideas on to the WebWizards to determine if they can incorporate the ideas into the Forum System.
    Here are a couple ideas to get started with:

    1) Could you: Add two icons at the bottom of each thread (near 'Post New' and 'Post Reply')possibly labeled "Next Newer Thread or up" and "Next Older Thread or down"? Purpose: to allow quick jump to the next thread without having to back-click to the forum section contents page and having to choose another thread topic.

    2) Could we: Get a sphelling checker for replys and new posts? My e-mail has a spell checker option (which I do need); how hard would it be to add one to the Forum System?

    Any other ideas?

    Phred from Ohio

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    Thanks for the suggestions. There is a new version of the Ultimate Bulletin Board (the system we use) coming out sometime this month. We have modified some of the features but we are somewhat constrained by what is possible from the bulletin board provider without spending countless dolllars to customize it. When we first put this site out for bid for some segments, the prices ranged from $500 to $15,000 just for the message forums, so what we are using is absolutely perfect and much less than that...and these forums are in use on several major sites including Warner Brothers. I don't know if spell check will be included, but I'm sure over time modifications will be made, just understand not everything is possible.

    If you are writing a lengthly text, it would probably help to write it in Word or something similar first anyway if its going to be long and do all spelling and grammar checks too.

    We are going through the forum and replacing icons with text to make some features easier to understand and will continue to make similar improvements.

    Thanks again for everyone's comments.

    Firehouse.Com WebTean

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    Phred, I agree with the spell check (Did you need it for Phred? :-) ) It is not always bad spelling, sometimes just bad typing. I use a computer all day for my not as much fun as this job, and I still can't type.
    A few others that irk me a little

    1. Anybody that doesn't take the time to re-read their posts before submission, spelling we can live with, typos okay, but missing words?

    2. The misuse of there, their and they're, and the use of loose instead of lose, call me anal or blame it on my British education.


    4. When viewing the posts 'since yesterday' for example, post them from newest to oldest, so that we can look at just what we missed.

    Okay, so 1 and 2 aren't for the Web-Gods, but you gave me a perfect sounding board, thanks and stay safe out there boys and girls.

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    Hey WebTeam,

    Really NICE job on the BBS upgrade!!!!!
    The Good just got Better. Nice boarders, and the next newer and older clicks work like gangbusters. You folks must stay up all night thinking up and deveolping these neat features. What are you going to think of next? Thanks from all of us!
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