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    Okay, I'll bite, how do you guys track which forums I've visited and when? The light bulb and the colored folders are awesome (allows me to not have to worry about the messages since whenever searching), however, if I'm sneaking a peak from work, I don't need the higher ups to see cookies, or whatever. I remove temporary internet files, history and cookie files daily, however, you guys are still maintaining when and where I've visited. If this is held on your site, that is fine, although I use my home e-mail address in my profile, not my work one, and am curious as to the identification process.

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    The cookies are all hosted within your browser..nothing on our end. Somewhere on your machine, there is a "cookie" stored that lets the browser know your passwords, preferences, etc. for a variety of sites, many of which you may not even know do such things. If you are using Windows98 you may be able to search for "cookie" and maybe find out where they are, but there is nothing on our end as far as the lightbulbs go. Using our search engine and database, all posts from a particular user are stored. The lightbulbs should not work from other browsers..

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