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    Default ignited by lines

    I think that it is a bad idea to have the begun by lines listed as, "ignited by:." This stirs up images of arson, which is a bad thing.
    On some of the forums, its a welcome change, but when you get down to the "Fire Wire," and the by line says, "Ignited by:" it really doesn't flow well.
    Stay Safe; Sgt 128

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    sarge & all,

    I didn't totally agree with the Sarge when he posted his objection to the label "Ignited By", but I can agree that the label wasn't appropriate for all the Forum Threads. The WebTeam must have agreed because the incendiary label was extinguished in the latest round of Forum overhaul.

    But, really folks -- "Topic Starter" ???? The WebTeam must have inhaled too much fresh paint and sawdust during the renovations! With thousands of the World's Finest united for a common effort -- somebody has got to be able to come up with something better than "Topic Starter". Please??

    How about a contest: winning entry in the first ever Firehouse.com Name That Column Contest gets to surf in the Forums for free for a whole month. That'll bring in the good ideas! Let's try to find a Fire or EMS related term that shows good taste, a little respect, and befits an originator or pioneer. (And fits in 13 spaces or less.) No limit on number of entries per post.

    Potential winning examples: Topic IC, Thought Cook, and First Poster.

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    Thanks for everyone's suggestions. Please keep in mind that the new upgrade took place overnight and we still have some tweaking to do, including titles, etc.

    As for the contest, the Forums are free already

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