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    Default More Changes! These Forums Really Look SHARP :)

    Hey WebTeam,

    You folks must have stayed up late last night with the paint brush and a big can of paint! The "New Look" looks GOOD! If you keep improving things the magazine folks are going to get jealous. What's next?

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    I thought the boards looked great before now they are even better.

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    Ditto. Keep up the good work. They not only look good but are very easy to navigate around. This is by far the best forum out there.


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    Ken Apel
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    Thanks or getting " Since yesterday" back in operation so quickly. This is a feature I use almost every day. I know you told me it was an add on and would be a few days before it would return but today it was back. Great job

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    Jim M.
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    I thought I was only dreaming that "since yesterday" was missing yesterday! Also very glad to see it back. A real shortcut when you only have a minute or two for a quick peek to see whats happening. The forums are excellent. I've printed out many of the threads for use in our long range planning sessions. The diversity of the participants makes for a great range of opinions and experience levels. Good job.
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    Jim M.

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    I don't know what you guys did today, but these boards absolutely "scream" now. It's like driving a jet!! I like the new improvements. Keep up the good work.

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    Hey all...

    With very little downtime today, we did upgrade to the latest release of the bulletin board.

    There should be a noticeable difference in upload time...we've broken down those bohemoth forums with numerous replies into different pages ... so at most 30 or so replies are each page so everything should go quick and forums can now go on forever and ever without slowing ya down.

    We've also reduced the size of the left column to its absolute minimum to minimize the impact.

    If you have any questions about AOL, cookies, or the like, visit our new AOL FAQ at:

    Another feature is are the new message icons, which we hope to customize for the emergency services in the coming weeks.

    Thanks for making this place great and be sure to tell everyone in your organization to check out Firehouse.Com!

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