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    Default Lightbulbs and Last Visit Date


    Are we having trouble with the last visit date and light bulbs or is it just my computer? I've been stuck on June 9 since that day.

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    mf and others,

    I started having Light Bulb problems after the last upgrade, also. I think the WebTeam will be posting some suggestions after they find their computer in the new office, but you can try these ideas that worked for me:

    1) Click on "Preferences" at the top of this page; in the first paragraph is a hyperlink for "...delete cookies..." -- click on it to delete your exsisting Firehouse.com cookies. Toward the bottom of the same page are the preference guestions that you answer to rebuild your cookie file; answer & submit.

    2) The other possible problem deals with the address you use to enter Firehouse.com. The WebTeam suggested (and it worked in my case with AOL.com as my ISP) that you VERIFY (and change if necessary) the entry address to either "http://www.firehouse.com" or "www.firehouse.com". You might be using "http://firehouse.com", which may get you onto the site, but the Light Bulbs don't seem to work without the "www." being in the address.

    After going through these two steps, my Light Bulbs, and everything else that is cookie-dependent, started working again. Note: you will have to make these changes, then exit the site and return AFTER there have been some new posts made on the Forums.

    Hope this helps... phred

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    Thanks Phred,

    Your suggestion #1 worked great. Deleting the cookies and resetting preferences did the trick. The lightbulbs sure make navigating alot easier. Thanks again for your assistance.


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