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    I know that you are basically selecting news items based on their relationship to the fire service but please, can't someone touch up headlines where appropriate? The current posting about a LODD in Marion, NY is totally incomprehensible. What happened? The story is missing the essential elements of what, why, where, etc. Surely there must be something more that could be added for clarity.
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    The story you are referring to is direct from the local newspaper. The firefighter in question died battling an auto fire. An autopsy is being performed to determine what actually caused his death, likely medical. But initially, all that was known was he was 'injured' battling the auto fire. We do not post the cause of death until it is either known or final, for obvious reasons. The story includes the what and where, and the why will be included once it is known.

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    I have learned more about "linking" since you started your page. I read the story, link to the local newspapers, and follow a story to the end. I use the NIOSH and OSHA webpages for technical data. I then present case studies to the department based on how a story (LODD) relates to our department. The question of Paid/Volunteer is left out. We study and debate the merits and relate it to a structure that is similar. Your site has a wealth of information for the Training Officer.

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