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    Hey web team, just a thought. Do you think that you could put the open folders on the bottom of the page as well. For example: Firehouse.com forums and then Firehouse.com Site Comments and then Message Forum Folders. I feel that the goto file on the bottom of the posts is kind of clunky personally. Or maybe you guys could put a return to top of page key on the bottom of the posts.

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    Hey, Resq; Like your idea!

    I use the [next newest] links when there are a lot of open threads in a topic, but when you get to the last one and there aren't any more in the current subject area, you get sort of left in a lurch trying to return to the index.

    Hey WebTeam: if Resqb's ideas can't be implimented could a "Return to Index" choice be added to the drop-down box?

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