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    FF McDonald
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    Lightbulb Helpful Instructions

    Hey there folks-

    I kind of consider myself to be computer literate... but I don't know how to do alot of the neat little tricks that I see everyone doing in there posts>>> prime example being the little yellow smiley faces after certain sentences, and posting pictures as well.

    Is there any way that the 'Web team' can post a brief set of instructions on how to do all of these 'tricks' --- or maybe someone reading this can e-mail me, Please?!?!?

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    Jim M.
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    Right underneath the 'button' to 'post a reply' there is a 'button' for the FAQ. This is the Frequently Asked Question list. It covers what you're looking for.

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    FF McDonald
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    Wow-- now I really feel stupid.

    I remember someone once saying, " The only stupid question is one that isn't asked."

    -- Somehow this doesn't make me feel any better. Thanks for the advice.

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    Don't worry, none of us should be keeping a count; we're all in the same boat every so often. Think of how many other people didn't know and now don't have to ask!

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    Sir....you may also want to click the little underlined UBB code icon when you are posting a reply..it will tell you how to add BOLD , Italics , and pictures as well as web links www.firehouse.com

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    FF McDonald
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    It's nice to see that someone checks the Forums as often as I do. I appreciate the information. See you around......

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