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    e33 Guest

    Question 56K Biased?

    Is it true that the site is geared to 56k modem users? What about those of us who dont have that luxury. Can this be changed or offered as an hotmail does with the frames/no frames versions. I cant stand the takes me days just to load a topic and post a reply.

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    While none of the site is "modem speed" specific, it does help having a slightly faster modem for not only Firehouse, but nowadays for most internet sites.

    However, as it directly relates to the Forums, the speed of the modem should not matter that much.

    You can also change your default settings to "Show Topics from Last 2 Days" to speed up individual forums, use the quick links on the front page to only load specific categories rather than all categories, etc. The number of Posts Per Page has also been reduced.

    The remainder of the site is essentially designed for the vast majority of users, which our research shows has an average modem of 56k and 800x600 resolution. But the forums specifically come out of the box will be slow just as any page would be on slower modems.

    Here are the results of recent statistics from 2,000 random regular Firehouse.Com users:

    28.8 Modem or Slower: 17%
    56K Modem: 67%
    Cable/DSL Modem: 3%
    T-1/LAN Access: 10%
    Other: 3%

    Total Users 56k or Higher: 83%

    As a comparison, a poll about a year ago on Firehouse.Com before the site went live showed that only about 55% were on higher-speed connections. These results are similar to those found throughout the 'net.

    Firehouse.Com WebTeam

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    Steamer Guest


    Something else that you might consider is the data transfer capability of your phone lines/system. I had some serious problems with my modem speed at the station until we replaced the phone system, then I was able to connect at the expected speeds. Obviously, I don't know if you connect at the fire house or at home, but the same principles apply. The hardware used for the older (pre-internet) phone services aren't capable of the speeds necessary for today's PC's. You might check with your phone company. They may be able to offer some solutions to your problems.

    Steve Gallagher
    Chillicothe (Ohio) Fire Department

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    Aff Guest


    A 56k v.90 modem upgrade would be the easy way to go, but don't waste the money. Contact the phone company for DSL service and get that. Works over your existing phone line if you are close enough to a central office. Works at 256k for home users. Here in Minnesota, US West has two versions; always on or on for 2 hours, 5 minute disconnect, on 2 hours ect. If you upgrade, they waive the modem cost and hook-up charge.(US West promotion) You still can use your phone for voice. Then you can sell your 300 baud modem to the Smithsonian! lol

    Stay Safe...

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    McCall Guest


    I don't know if modem speed is the problem, though. I am on dual dedicated T-1's, and initially I had the problem of loading speed as well.

    Now, I haven't noticed many problems. True, it does seem slower than before. Since the initial change has taken place, I have seen (or it may just be my imagination) some improvement.


    Marbletown VFD, Newark, N.Y.

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    iwood51 Guest


    e33, although the DSL is a good choice, it is not available in all areas (mine included, which is ludicrous considering I'm in Long Island, NY), however, 56K modems are dirt cheap these days ($25) and easy to install. Try [URL=] Modems

    205-5461 56K Sound Bullet 56K ISA Modem/16-bit WaveTable Sound Card Combo $27.50 E-Tech Research
    205-5632 Link PCI 56k V.90 Voice/Fax/Data Modem & 3D Sound Combo Card $24.00 Asound

    205-5644 SuperGeek 56K Lucent Chipset V.90 PCI Data/Fax/Voice Modem $22.95 Wisecom

    hope this helps

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    Pamela Baber Guest


    A computer expert I am not. Had a similar problem tho' in getting repeated messages that said "connection timed out". Upgraded my modem. It didn't help. What did was changing internet servers. Found out that some of them have slower capabilities than others. Made the switch. Fixed the problem.

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    Aff Guest


    Sometimes switching ISP's will help. Some automatically dump your connection after a certian period of inactivity. But don't forget to check the properties of your browser. Both IE and Netscape have automatic disconnect features that is user set. This can be checked by right clicking the icon and the opening properties. Then follow the tabs. On IE it's "connections", "settings", then "advanced". Hope this helps.

    Stay safe...

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    e33 Guest


    Thanx for the help folks..but all this talk is still flying over my head..I was told, and I think its true..that it is the phone line that causes the lag. I have seen better results lately though..not sure what the deal is. I appreciate the help though. Take care.

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