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    Web Team,
    Just wondering what happened to the "Local Forums"? Where they removed because of lack of participation or am I just not looking in the right place? Also, how about that Firefighter chat? I have not been following these boards for the last couple of months (sorry) and am trying to catch up now that the weather is changing. BTW it seems like you guys are doing a great job here.

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    Thanks for visiting Firehouse.Com

    You can link to the local forums from the left-hand column of the main page and main forums entry page. They have not been very active, but we are re-evalutating ways to drive traffic to that segment.

    We'll also be adding the link again to the top of the Forums Entry page.


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    Thanks for the help Web Team. I guess I'm just going blind in my old age :-)

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    The link to the Chat Room is a lot harder to find! It's still there at . Seems to me that there aren't ever too many Firefighters in the room, though.

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    The links to the chat room haven't changed. Its always been just linked from the left column on the main page. We don't highly publicize it because it has a max. person limit of about 25...we're looking into new software to greatly enhance that part of our community.

    FH WebTeam

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