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    Jim M.
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    Question Today's active topics- Missing in Action

    While I like most of the new features, what happened to the choice to select todays active topics? While I know I can get there by following the yellow light bulbs, it was a quick and convenient way to see what the hot topic of the day was. Frequently, it was something that I would not have ordinarily chosen but found to be very educational. Any chance that feature might return or has it gone the way of the dinosaurs?

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    Jim; The Today's Active Topics click-link is still there. The white space above the main index page was reduced and now the Active Topics clicker sits right on top of the index box, just above the new Private Message flag box.

    The Active Topics page would be even more handy if the WebTeam could squeeze in the Time of the last post; that would help out someone who visits more than once in a 24 hour period. Any chance of that, WebTeam?

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    Jim M.
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    Thanks, Phred. Guess I was just too dazzled by the other changes to see the fine print!

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