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    FF McDonald Guest

    Question Buttons Missing

    When I logged onto the computer today, and accessed the "" website today, there were several features missing from the web site. I am curious if I am the only one who is experiencing this problem.

    Many of the different 'faces' that are normally available to accompany the reply are not there, as well as the 'icons' that would allow me to check another users profile--

    also, the computer used to remember my user name and password, now it doesn't.

    Please Help??!?!?!!!!!!

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    We're not aware of any problems. The icons appear to be on all pages as well as the reply icons.

    You may try deleting all your cookies and starting over.


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    Phred Guest


    Hi, Mac,

    Don't know where the WebTeam went, must have stepped out.

    I also notice that the site doesn't remember my UserName and Password overnight, but does remember between posts during one day's posting. The individual icons all seem OK for me. Try the old fix of deleting your Cookies - select the "preferences" flag at the top of a Forum page and follow the instructions to delete and restore, then exit the site. When you come back the first time all the Lightbulbs will be gone and the folders will indicate nothing new, but those conditions will return to normal after you exit the site and return a second time.

    If that trick doesn't help, you'll have to wait for the Team to get back and try whatever they suggest. Good Luck!

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