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    Question Must we re-register or renwe our Forum Membership after 1 year?

    Hi, WebTeam!

    Glad to see the Firehouse.Com survived Y2K. Question: Do those of us that have been here for the whole First Year have to do anything to renew our registration or membership? There is a mention in the FAQs about the Site remembering our UserName and Password for "...up to a year...". Or are we OK for up to a year after our last visit or post?

    It has been a great First Year for Firehouse.com. Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday to all of the WebTeam!

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    Nope, your forum registration is good forever.

    The 'remembering' question primarily is about your cookie....it would likely stay on your computer for a year from the last time you came. But for those Firehouse.Com Veterans who are here all the time...there is absolutely nothing to worry about!

    Thanks and look for GREAT things over the coming months ... if you like what you've seen so far you haven't seen anything yet ... Firehouse.Com 2000 is going to be great.


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    Uh -- Web Team--

    I am here all the time-- and my computer is missing certian features. Any way you can see what my be causing this. I have posted this question in another topic in this thread as well.



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