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    I would like to propose a Jamboree Fire Service Board for the 50+ and growing members of the 2001 National Jamboree Fire Service. The Department is coming togather from nation wide to meet for three weeks to provide fire service to 40,000 some odd scouters. A regional board would be real nice for our people to keep in touch, without glogging emails!

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    Back a month or so ago I suggest a party or outing if you will at the EXPO in Baltimore for us all to meet at a suitable establishment and hoist a liquid beverage to all our fallen comrads. The WEBTEAM said it was already in the works... Lets hear more...can we?

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    Sorry guys..we won't be announcing anything until mid-June or early July......still got a few months to go


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    Thanks WEBTEAM...I am just trying to make plans. I can commute or stay, but prefer to stay, but have to have a date and at least minimum details to sell my trip to my wife. Do not mean to be impatient. Just trying to line up things...

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