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    Post Expanding Firehouse.Com -- Your Thoughts

    Welcome to the beginning.

    Over the coming months, Firehouse.Com will be expanding in too many ways to even mention, with specialized content sections, expanded E-Commerce opportunities and so much more!

    The first step was a moderate redevelopment of the front page (still in progress). It should load much quicker and provide fast access to the day's top headlines and features within Firehouse.Com.

    Let us know what you think and what you'd like to see on YOUR Firehouse.Com!


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    Hi, WebTeam,

    I'll jump in; cat seems to have everyone else's tongue...

    Thumbs Up for the quicker loading Home page. It's got a nice layout - after you (we) figure out where everthing is .

    But... it's the Forum pages that still seem to load slower than a clam walks to a clam bake . The top half of a forum page (the ads) loads quick as a wink; the bottom half (the part most of us want to see) takes forever to appear. I'd think that a page visited and viewed would reload from the cache rather quickly, but that doesn't seem to happen. Example: from a Forum index page select and read an individual post, then "back-click" to return to the index page... odds are that it will take as long to reload the index page as it took to load it the first time.

    And could you 'splain the "Who's Online?" feature? I see lots of visitors, a few registered users, but never myself?? Do we have to do something, like log in somehow, to appear as an Online or active entry?

    Do I like the site? You Bet! It's just grown sooo large that I have to pack a lunch to look at just a small part of it. Used to be I could read all the news, all the Forums, and browse the new links in 30 minutes. Can't get through all the fresh stuff on the Home page in an hour, now!

    Keep up the Nice Work you're doing! *phred*

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    I agree with Phred about the speed of the forums. Other than that, I like things the way they are, but look forward to improvements you think up.

    Rick Reed
    Do it right, do it safely, do it once.

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    great site! a little more speed never hurts...I imagine anymore improvements will be great...keep up the good work

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    I think make the site quicker is a great idea, how about adding a section on OUR military Firefighters, these of us who do DOUBLE duty for our country and community !!


    Your doing it right if your doing it
    FOR HIM !!!

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    Aaron Neely
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    I'm with Thoe1, I think a section for military FF's would be a great addition for both forums and the main page. Great site though

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    I've just had my first look at the new training page. Looks good. The drills should come in handy in the future. Keep up the good work.

    Kevin Sink
    Fair Grove Fire Dept.
    Thomasville, NC USA

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    I Plan on useing The new training section as a guide to our current training plan. another improvement would be to add a section on sops on all aspects of FF. Car fires, attic fires, basement fires, pump ops etc. Write them as an example to be personalized by each user. Another magazine web site started this but did not follow thru with this and now does not even have a site. Better advertising for your site in the magazine will help get the word out to your readers of its existence.

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    pvfr fyrfyter
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    My suggestion would be to add a section in the forums where the bios of the new members that are added each day are available for review. I would also suggest that each posting have a counter added to each answer to aid those of us who check numerous forums daily to aid in checking areas. The forums are still slow to load and sometimes I get kicked out if I use a link and can't get back to where I linked from.
    Thanks for considering these ideas and your doing a good job.


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