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    Aaron Neely
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    Exclamation Firehouse.com Auctions!

    I posted an inquiry to try to find out when this auction site was to be added to Firehouse.com, but it dissappeared before I could get any reply. Once again, I was wondering when the Auction site was going to be added to the web site there is no date on the article that was posted in this web site a while back. Thanks for anything you can help us out with

    Aaron Neely
    Dyess AFB Fire Dept
    Abilene, TX

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    Citywide 173
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    Well AAron, it seems that no one wants to touch this one. They did announce a "pre-launch" a short time ago, but that didn't give any dates either. I have given up on the auctions being a profitable venture, and made the auctions on my site free, which benefits the site visitor. Maybe Firehouse came to the same conclusion and are waiting till they can make some money.

    Now that I've posted this, we'll see if it gets the entire topic deleted again, since I pointed out that my auction site is up and running.

    Ed Burke
    Webmaster-Fireground Photos.net
    Boston Citywide Fire Radio Car 173 http://www.firegroundphotos.net

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    Well, 5 months tomorrow, and the web team doesn't even want to touch this one. After the hype that they gave to the auction site earlier this year, you think that they'd at least tell us if it was on hold, cancelled, or what.

    The auctions on my site are still up and running, although there really isn't much activity.


    Ed Burke
    Webmaster-Fireground Photos.net

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    The auctions are coming. We are ensuring they are the quality and speed the users want and demand.

    The auctions should launch in early 2001.

    As we expect the auctions to be very popular, we want to ensure they meet demand.

    Thank you

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