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    Question Problems with page loading?

    Is anyone else having problems with forum pages loading improperly since the last "upgrade" to the forums (about 2-3 weeks ago)? For example:

    1. The search "since yesterday" always fails, ending up at a "File not Found" page within the Firehouse.com site (as opposed to within my browser, or something else).

    2. Most submissions of replies go through, but the return pointer goes to that same "File not Found" error.

    3. The ads on the left side of the forum pages don't load properly, mostly ending up with "Object Moved" errors, displayed by my proxy server. This wouldn't be a problem, since ads are just annoyances anyway, except that now forum page loading is sometimes redirected toward the ad objects that don't properly load in the first place (e.g. atempting to open a forum thread gets an "object moved, click here" page, which routes to the ad and only the ad).

    I've emailed some of these concerns to the Webteam, and they can't find anything wrong. I also tried adjusting some browser settings, and that had no positive effects. These problems have persisted and are getting worse, at least for me. Maybe if others are having the same problems, we can figure out some common thread that will lead to a resolution.

    Just a thought.

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