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    iwood51 Guest

    Angry New Look

    Uggh, what did you guys do to us. I like the idea of the original post being up top, but now you're showing all the replies in reverse order. It's very difficult to follow. You now have to start reading from the bottom up.

    Please un-fix your latest addition.

    Do others agree/disagree don't care??

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    Phred Guest



    Not sure which topics you're looking at... the few that I've checked since reading your post seem to be arranged like they always have been: the page that pops up first is the oldest (first) page; page 2 is newer; and page 3 is the most recent. All seem to still be arranged with oldest post on top, advancing to the bottom as date and time approach current time (old on top, new on bottom). The change is that the First/Original post is on top of Each page. I checked several topics that just started yesterday, and I haven't found one that runs bottom/old to top/new.

    Several of us asked the WebTeam to change the order of the Pages - so that the newest Page was the first displayed. That would make following a many paged topic easier for those that checked it often - you wouldn't have to wait for an old page to load and then have to choose a newer page to find the most recent postings. This new page first idea would hurt someone who starts to read a long, multi-page post for the first time, but most visitors probably visit often enough that it should not be a great bother. (That idea was rejected by the WebTeam.)

    To re-clarify my request to the WebTeam:
    1 Continue with the first/oldest post at top of page, read down toward newer posts;
    2 Arrange the Pages in reverse order = newest page loads first, followed by other (older) pages;
    3 Continue the new feature of the Original/First post being at top of each page.

    Back to you, Ian; hope I haven't misread your post or not looked at the posts you're objecting to. If they have reversed the order to new at top, older towards the bottom of the page - I heartily agree with you = old/top progressing to newer at the bottom is the way each individual page should be arranged.

    Wow! Sorry to be so mouthy...

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    Jun 2006


    Prhed and All:

    It is possible to reverse the posts overall (we tested it earlier, which Ian was referring to), it just isn't possible to totally reverse the order of multiple pages (same concept). Reversing the posts overall really didn't look good and was confusing so we put it back the way it was. We'll continue to look for ways to improve.

    The newest version of the UBB is now up (as of this afternoon) and practically every feature is added in that was feasible. Keep in mind, we are trying to make it the best possible for all 10,000 registered users...and the countless others who are just 'browsing'.

    Features yet to be added or re-installed include:

    - easy-print version of pages
    - image upload with posts

    Firehouse.Com WebTeam

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    Sand Creek Lynn Guest


    All the text of postings are underlined. Is this something I can change? It is a little annoying to read.


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    We're not aware of anything on this end that would cause that. Is anyone else having that problem? We've checked it on multiple browsers.


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    Phred Guest

    Thumbs up

    Hi, WebTeam,

    Sorry to keep hounding about reversing the page order; but I still think it would be neat!

    And I'll partially confirm Sand Creek's observation: Yesterday the "Off-Site Headlines" index and summary page Was underlining everything - but only the Article Title part of the underlining would actually link to the article. It's back to normal tonight. And I did not notice the extra underlining anywhere else.

    And as for trying to keep all 10,000 of us happy = Good Luck! But thanks from ALL of us for trying so hard to do it!!!

    You WebTeamers do a really great job with this Site - don't let a few of us whimpering about our pet peeves get you down !

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    SRFD3114 Guest


    I like the original post at the top of each page.

    I am also glad that you are going to fix the easy print option, I miss that a lot.

    What happened to the field that was at the top right corner that was labeled:
    From: Dept name, State?

    This field made it easy to see where everyone was from without giong to each individual user profile to see where the post came from.

    Keep up all of the good work!

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