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    Question Where'd the "From: (location)" data field go ?

    Hi there, WebTeam,

    Maybe you missed it, but SRFD3114 posted a comment in another thread that he missed the informational box at the top of each post that gave the area or department and the state of each poster.

    I'd like to second the motion that it would really be nice to have that bit of information back! It seems to make each post a little more personal when you (we) know where the person is from.

    I hope it's not a major upset to restore that feature. I'll offer another Gold Star if you put it back D).

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    Thumbs up

    As if by magic; the lost feature returns.

    I hope we all get used to looking for it in the new location...

    Thanks!, WebTeam - some of us really missed that!

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    Thumbs up

    Another GOLD star for the Web Team.
    Thanks a lot for restoring that field, I missed it while it was gone.

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    Oh, Rats! I forgot the WebTeam's GOLD Strar!

    Thanks for taking care of that, 3114!

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