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    Question How about............

    has any one ever asked about having a general forum post? Somewhere where you can go to discuss general topics not related to the fire service. Some where that has a little bit of everything, to take your mind off of a difficult call/day/shift.

    just a thought.

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    On other forums that I belong to, we always prepend O/T or Off Topic to the post. A seperate area might be nice, but I think you're going to get the opposition in that this is a forum that was designed by firefighters, for firefighters (and their girlfriends ) for the purpose of discussing firematic stuff. No offense Speedi, but that's where my opinion lays.

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    Thanks Iwood but I think I should have better explained what I meant. I have had several firefighters thank me for the jokes that I have posted. They have told me that it was nice to sit down and read the jokes, and laugh after a difficult call. Stating that they dont necessarily want to discuss fire related topics but would like to "talk" to someone that can understand. I feel that the jokes help to lighten the mood in a sometimes hectic and difficult day, but I feel that they are not really oppropriate for the firefighting post. This forum is for firefighters, they feel at home and comfortable coming here and discussing things with firefighters all over the country. I just thought it would be nice for them to have a general area where they can post on different issues rather than the fire service. Just a thought

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