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    Question What's wrong? Posts are disappearing from pages...


    What's gone wrong? Hundreds of our old posted messages have disappeared from the Forum pages.

    Help, WebTeam; Please fix. Has anyone been able to establish contact with the WebTeam? Sure hope they are working on the problem - can't eat lunch without surfing the Forums!

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    Attention All:

    There was a file system problem overnight unrelated to us that apparently wiped out some files. They are being restored. The forums might not exactly be 'perfect' through the weekend, but they should work.

    A handful of folks who registered during the outage may need to re-register but all other profiles have been restored to their 'pre-midnight' condition so all should be well.

    Thanks for your support

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    Nice Work, WebTeam!

    {GOLD}>>*<< awarded to WebTeam

    Most features seem to be recovering; the E-mail notification feature is working, and the indexes seem to be operational again.

    You might also stick a note on the Home Page to 'splain what has happened in case some folks don't find this thread.

    Sure is nice to know that the problem wasn't fatal !

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