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    Post Edit/delete capability for message creators

    I would like the ability to edit the subject of a message to correct typos etc. if I was the creator of that message. If that is not possible, then give the creator the ability to delete the entire message so they don't look like fools for having typos in the subject title.

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    Or, if "we" can't change or correct a title; can't either the Moderator or the WebTeam be allowed to make changes if requested by the originator?

    I speak from expeiience; it's a bummer to have to view your typo forever!

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    Especially when other people pick on you for it
    I am taking a wild stab in the dark, but some software packages the user id (your user name), the forum title, and the thread title as a key index to be able to tie everything together. It's not the best way to do it, and certainly not the way I program, but it is done. I don't know who wrote the engine behind these boards so I can't comment.

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