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    Post Ashley is Alive and Well

    Dear Forum Posters

    For the last day we have worked to verify the information in the posts by Ashley and her 'parents' that has consumed several threads.

    Unfortunately, as happens on the Internet, the story has been found to be untrue...at least the tragic details.

    After considerable research, we talked to Ashley's mother this evening who wanted to apologize to everyone on the forums for the energy that has been spent.

    The young lady is indeed interested in the fire service and is an ace student, according to her mom, who wants to write books and be in the fire department.

    However, she has not lost a brother to fire nor, thankfully, was she killed in a drunk driving accident last weekend. She is alive and well, which we hope everyone will be grateful for. Except for those details -- important as they may be -- the vast majority of her posts we believe were honest and sincere.

    We are sorry this has happened, but as you know the Internet is somewhat of an anonymous
    place. We are very thankful that this was not some elaborate hoax, but merely an very
    enthusiastic young lady who may have been trying to find a way to quit posting on the forums with a very unfortunately worded story. Her parents had requested she not post after something similiar happened in the past, according to her mother.

    Her mother assures us she has the best intentions and by her writing will certainly excel in that endeavor in the future. We expect a letter from Ashley sometime in the next few days to all posters.

    Thanks for everyone's continued support. Despite this being false, had it been true you showed the incredible family that exists in the Firehouse.com Forums and what is possible for everyone to come together for a single cause ... we just hope you won't be deterred from responding and helping others in the future.

    We'll assure you, just as we have done in this case, to check out any extraordinary requests or posts as quickly as possible.

    Firehouse.Com WebTeam

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    Nice Job, WebTeam!

    All of us thank you for your skill in getting to the bottom of this situation. And to all of those behind-the-scene helpers - a Tip o' the Helmet to Ya All!

    It's a Great Family we all belong to - we've got the ability to band together and work to overcome almost anything we're challenged with. The fact that we often wear our hearts on our sleeves makes some things more difficult to accept than others. This situation that many of us have reacted to, in sometimes emotional ways, is a challenge that we'll just have to overlook and forgive.

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    Played the fool by a 14 year old. Man I guess I have sucker written all over my face. Nice job Web team!!!!

    Larry Boothby
    Snorkel-13 A-shift
    Local 1784

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    After reading everything that had been posted in sveral threads on this subject I must say it was quiet moving to see everyone come togther like that, Hopefully Ms. Mitchell will continue to pursure her dream of becoming a Firefighter!, Don't feel bad Boothby everyone gets fooled every now and then.

    Tim Macias
    Engine 101

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