Thread: Where did I go?

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    Resq14 Guest

    Question Where did I go?

    I tried to post a topic today, only to find that I didn't exist as a user.

    Weird, since I've been writing on here for about a year. Now I'm a lowly "Junior Member" now. =(

    Any way to gimme back my original stats? I re-registered with my name Resq14.

    Did this happen to anyone else?

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    Phred Guest


    Try sending an e-mail to the WebTeam to see if they can restore your status.

    Now we'll see if I still exist...

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    Quint1Medic Guest


    I had a similar problem...I emailed the webteam folks about it, but I still get the "you don't exist" page every time I try to post a reply. What I have noticed is that, when I allow my computer to autocomplete my screen name and password, it doesn't work - but if I type 'em myself, it goes through. Go figure.

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