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    Lightbulb We Luv 2 Eat! How'Bout a Firehouse Recipie Forum

    I know there are cookbooks available on the site, but how 'bout havin' our own "on line" Cookbook? I'm talkin' original stuff, not copyin' out of one of the afore mentioned books.

    It would be searchable if we would stick to naming only the recipie title in the name of the post.

    You can post a reply on wether the recipie passed the toughest critics in the world "the guys in the engine house".

    We could dedicate it to "The guy/gal w/ the most unappreciated job on the Dept.....the cook"

    If you're the cook (like I am), you'll know where I'm comin' from!

    What do ya' think?


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    Coming this year folks!


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