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    Thumbs up NEW FOURMS ADDED

    Well today when I came into the Firehouse.com Fourms I had to be sure I was at the correct site, The WEB TEAM has added some new forums!, Ought to make things more intresting now with these new forums, THANKS WEB TEAM!

    Tim Macias
    I will fight fire for Electricity

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    Yet another forum? I hope the WebTeam realizes that there are already 59 forums. Now they added three more to bring the total to 62. Seems like a lot of forums.

    I like the idea of an off-topic forum, but it is unnecessary to divide it into three different forums? Everything is so segmented and some current forums recieve very little traffic.

    Just my thoughts.


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    FDMichiganMan - you have the option to set your favorites, so you're not bothered with going through the rest of the forums you're not interested in. As far as I'm concerned, that's one of the best options this site added!

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