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    Post Desktop Wallpaper......

    Would it be possible for the webmasters of this site to make some of the cool pictures here available to be downloaded for desktop wallpaper. If not does anybody know of a place that there is to get some fire pics as wallpappers. -thanks steve

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    Screensaver and Wallpapers: http://www.firehouse.com/wall

    Plus, our hot new mousepad is coming in a few weeks available for sale online!

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    If you have Windows 98 & MSPlus!, you can change your desktop themes thru the Control Panel. Go to these sites to find the following firefighter themes:


    Two themes listed under the MISC category.

    1.) Fire Fighters Desktop Theme
    Four firefighters working a charged line. Shows the brotherhood of firefighters.

    2.) Fire Fighter II Desktop Theme
    Two firefighters in front of a fully engulfed fire background. Brilliant reminder of the nature of the beast.

    www.topthemes.com (Misc.)

    One theme listed look up either under Alphabetical Search or under MISC category.

    1.) Fire Fighting Theme
    Fully involved house fire background.


    One theme listed under the MISC category. (You have to chose a more specific category at first, to access site before you can chose the MISC category.)

    1.) Firefighter Theme
    Firetruck with a lightening background. I think this looks really cool. (The only downside to obtaining this theme is that you have to go through 2 - 3 extra screens of advertisements/surveys to get to where you want to go. In the end, I think it's worth it.)

    If you have any trouble getting to any of these sites or downloading these, please post a message and I'll get back to you to help.

    Sloepoke's Wife (TT)

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    Sloepoke1, That is what I am talking about. The ones from this site are cool but I just want really nice fire pics for desktop. When I try to use one from an article it getts all distorted. Wish they would make all the pics here downloadable to make a wallpaper. -thanks steve

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