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    Default PDA friendly pages

    I was wondering if it was possible to make certain pages PDA friendly. I recently purchased a PDA and am using a service called Avantgo which allows you to pull website information to have on your PDA. I have used it on firehouse.com to see the latest news stories. The problem is all of the ads and pictures on the page also come in and take up memory. Many sites now have a section for PDA members to get information. I don't know if other people on this site would like this option. If there are others, please add your comments and maybe another interest will be generated to have the wedsite makers create this section.
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    Great suggestion. One of the better ones I've seen.
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    I agree...that would be awesome
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    Thanks for your interest.

    We have looked into AvantGo specifically, and unfortunately they are phasing out their user-submitted channels and only accepting full partner applications, which start at $5,000 on up in excess of $20,000 annually. Once we have a subscriber-specific area of the site in the next few months (a nominal monthly fee for premium content), that may be an option, but unfortunately not at this time.

    If anyone has suggestions for a provider other than AvantGo, we'd be open to hear about them.


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