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    Default Liberty Street Firehouse

    For a retired Brother: Does anyone know what happened to the Liberty Street firehouse that was across the street from the World Trade Center. Any news appreciated. Tom Healey, Plainsboro Fire Company...direct e-mail: heals2@aol.com. Thanks...prayers to all of us...we've all suffered a tremendous loss

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    I saw on Television a member from E-10 or L-10 (couldn't tell what color the sheild was) said all the windows were blown out...but he mentioned they were stoping in to get water and take a blow once in awhile...sounded like it took signifigant damage but was still standing....I wish the same could be said for all the members of the Ten House.

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    I was just watching the news and was struck with awe that a nearby station, E1-L7 on Duane St. had all members accounted for. They were in the WTC for 30 seconds when they heard the building starting to go. All members ran out as far as they could and amazingly, by the grace of God, they all made it. It's odd to think that there could be bright spots in all of this mess, but maybe this is one of them.

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