Union Brothers and Sisters,

Union Brothers and Sisters,

The Fremont Fire Department (Fremont, CA) is under attack by their city and administration.

On their days off, Fremont Union Firefighters have been participating in a "Fill the Boot" fundraiser. The firefighters have managed to raise $65,000 dollars for FDNY.

The city manager, mayor, and fire chief have publicly attacked the firefighters for collecting funds on city streets. They point out that the firefighters fundraising methods are in violation of the vehicle code. As the city manager said, "collecting in the street sets a bad example and is unsafe."

The administration has threatened demotions for all firefighters involved. Please distribute this information to every union member so that we can rally support.

For a full account of the story, go to:

To contact the Fremont's city manager directly: jperkins@ci.fremont.ca.us
To contact the Fremont fire chief directly: dlydon@ci.fremont.ca.us

For other City of Fremont contacts, go to: <A HREF="http://www.ci.fremont.ca.us/fire/administration. jperkins@ci.fremont.ca.usdlydon@ci.fremont.ca.us [url="http://www.ci.fremont.ca.us/fire/administration"]Fremont" TARGET=_blank>www.ci.fremont.ca.us/fire/administration. jperkins@ci.fremont.ca.usdlydon@ci.fremont.ca.us Fremont Administration</A>