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    Default BAD FH Forums decision....


    Ordinarily, I usually agree with the decisions of the webteam...I even am inclined to agree with the little nyfd.com debacle...But this time, I think you guys may have dropped the ball...Allow me to explain...

    In the immediate hours following the September 11 attacks, I understand that the forums, particularly the firefighter's forum, were innundated with posts which made it necessary to temporarily close some other forums to clear bandwith and server space...No argument there...Defenitely a good call...

    What I question is some forums decision making since then...It was suggested in a firefighter forum topic a couple weeks ago that the FDNY Alarm, Reciept and Decision Dispatchers, along with those of the NYPD, PAPD and FDNY EMS, were perhaps overlooked in the events of that day...Dispatchers are many time overlooked and belittled...Yet it is the dispatcher who takes the initial paniced call for help and bears the roar of ****ed off firemen and chief officers when something goes wrong....We need to talk about things like this, especially in light of recent events...The Dispatcher's forum was removed on 9-11, and has yet to return....

    Firehouse.com prides itself on serving the emergency service community...That means firefighters, medics, EMT's, Chief, carreer and volunteer alike...All of those forums are back...But the Dispatchers forum has yet to return...You've restored the buffs forum, but not the Dispathers....You give higher priority to buffs over dispatchers??????

    Bad, BAD call.....You guys dropped the ball this time....
    My opinions only.

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    Sorry, just an oversight really...we reopened some forums as they were requested by users and no one had requested this particular one re-opened until now...no intentional decision, we just are monitoring the forums closely and opening things as we need to. Please, in the future just drop us an email or request we make a change, rather than assuming we made an intentional decision to slight one group over another.

    THanks again for your support
    Firehouse.com WebTEam

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