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    Default attack on america

    dear fellow firefighters i just received some very upsetting news from members of the baltimore city fire dept when terror struck on 9/11/01 in new york members from local 734 met at the fire academy in baltimore to respond to the world trade center needs they were denied permission from the city of baltimore to help in this tradgedy they were told if they went they would not be covered in any way and their families would not be covered in any way can you believe this was even done to our members who wanted to help other firefighters and citizens of new york the mayor or who ever gave this order should be so ashamed it's unbelievable that baltimore being so close to this destruction could not help their brothers in time of need i wonder if baltimore had received the tradgey and new your was not able to help how would we have felt it's a discrace to the fire service in america but some good news is some members went anyway without protection from their own city please pass this on to all firefighters what a discrace to baltimore not the firefighters but the mayor and city council they should be ashamed to show their faces after this decision hopefully no city will ever do this to baltimore if something should happen because we are all in this together

    thanks again
    brother firefighters

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    I can only hope that they will not be in the position that our brothers and sister in New York were in, and need the help. Only then will the city administrators realize the error of their ways.

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