"Mother America's Parade of Heroes"
Healing art- in memmory of all that were lost. Local Fire and Rescue workers have pleaded with me to share this with all of you. I am still waiting permission from the memorial coordination team to display this for you. It has helped many people already in its small venue here in Dallas. I want to get it to NYC and hopefully onto David Letterman by Friday so you will all be aware of its existance. I hope that it helps each of you in some small way! We know that your jobs just became exponentialy more difficult in recent weeks. We ALL thank you for all the sacrifices that you make every day! There is no way to thank you enough for what you do. I do hope that this small jesture will help. Any fireman, police officer or EMS persons that feel that they would benefit from having a copy of this art work has my permission to print out a copy of it for their home and for their Firehouse, Squad Bay, Hospital or Base of operations. The point is to get it out there to help the healing process. You should all be very proud of the work you do and should know the american people are all behind you! I hope to see you folks in New York. I have not yet heard back from Lettermans staff...I do however have faith that word will get to him in time. If anyone has a direct line on him or the fire chiefs that could get us in touch with NYC area Chiefs and or the Mayor, PLEASE contact me ASAP! I need an official nod to be able to display it. Any help would be greatly apreciated! Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
Brian DeFoe-Dallas
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it is the first piece on the page...clikc the text or the image to see move views and to see the description of the symbolism involved.
I look forward to you comments and to any assistance in makeing the needed contacts in New York! I also would like to hear from you folks where you would like to see this be for long term display.


"Mother America's Parade of Heroes"