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    Well right here....Duh!!

    Default Trading Forum?!?

    I've looked around on a couple of other fire-related sites and noticed a couple of trading-post style forums. The problem with these forums are that noone goes there and the posts are all 4-5 months old. What is the chance of opening a forum for EVERYONE to post there old equipment in. I know of many people that have old light bars and dash lights, turnouts, and even firebuffs with old apparatus they would like to get rid of. I would like to find a used dashlight but don't have anywhere to look......Any chance the WebTeam can open a forum for Emergency Responders here?

    Jeremy Culver
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    I agree with code_blue. I think a trading forum would be a good idea.

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    Okay, I'm in...

    I'll trade 2 guys with less than 5 years of service and one guy with over 20 years...
    what am I offered???

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    The following fire sites have free For Sale/Trade/Wanted ads.
    Hammerdown http://www.hammerdown.com/fire.html
    Ted's Engine House http://firearsn.empowering.com/antiquefiretrucks.htm
    And the Unofficial SPAAMFAA Page http://wsfire.com/spaamfaa/wanted/wanted.html
    The Youngstown Fire Bulletin Board has a Fire Alarm Call Box Discussion where you can post For Sale/Wanted/Trade ads that are related to fire alarm equipment. http://pub3.ezboard.com/byoungstownfirebbs
    These are all nice sites and the price is right.

    Also, if you can attend you may want to visit some of the fire memorabilia flea markets and auctions. There are listings of the types of events on the Unofficial SPAAMFAA site anf the official SPAAMFAA site at http://spaamfaa.org/

    There is a nice fire auction and flea market in Cincinnati on March 8/9 2002. E-mail me at stemel@fuse.net if you would like additional information.

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