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    Question Let's chat - shall we

    Your thoughts on the following, if you wouldn't mind (web team, jump in if you'd like)

    Notice that the 'rating system' disappeared? (like a month or so ago). Why?

    Didn't like it any how.

    Why do we get junk type mail on firehousemail.com? I've gotten crap from all sorts from terrorism classes to website servers looking for employees. Why is that?

    How about the new message icons? Pretty cool.

    Where do people get their little icon type inserts into their replys? you know, the icon hanging himself, another thinking, etc.

    Do you feel that if someone is so 'out there' and you 'strongly disagree' with the person, that you should be able to get not only directions from like, mapquest, but mass transit info on where to 'converse' with the obvious bunghole at the click of a button? I do.

    How about obvious trolling mutts (for lack of a better term) like, oh, i dunno, Jake the hose schmuck. Why should they be able to continue to post replys when all they are here for is attention? Kick um the hell out, for good. Don't give me that freedom of speech jargon either.

    I can't type the words ****, but i can type shiit or sh*t. Not ****, but *** or . . . something damn close to it, nothing comes to mind right now. Common, most of us are adults who have **** poor vocabularies, and are of street smarts w/ the lingo, . . . yo. Let us speak and communicate freely!

    Just something for those of you who would like to reply on in ref. to the site.

    Great job webteam. (I'm not just saying that either, or am I)

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    May God bless all the people and families who have lost
    their lives on 9-11-01, to those also lost on Flight 587, and to the rescuers who responded to both.

    "I'm not saying it's right, i'm just saying (the way it is)."

    FDNY-EMS - Still New York's Best!

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    I haven't gotten a piece of junk mail yet on my Firehousemail account. (Thank God!)

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