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    Cool Federal Firehouse Forum should be moved!


    I agree with FB, who's post I pasted below taken from the Federal Firehouse Forum under the <br />"Emergency Response Staffing" category.

    I think a more appropriate heading might be under the "Firefighting" catagory?

    FB is right. Federal Firefighters were first at scene at the Pentagon. Fort Meyer Federal Fire Dept has a satellite station there at the Pentagon Heliport. I also think FDNY had assistance from Federal Firefighter Management folks who help manage the incident at WTC.

    Federal Firefighters work a longer workweek than their city/county/municipal counterparts (72 vs 53 or 56), and we get paid on average 15%-20% less than the others, and our retirement quite frankly sucks!

    Just my thoughts...<br /> posted 12-09-2001 02:08 AM <br />--------------------------------------------------Hey WEBTEAM!<br />This post, which hasn't gotten any replies for a couple of days, made me think of something....

    Why is it that the "Federal Firehouse Forum" is waaaaaay down in the "Emergency Response Staffing" category (like a foot or two of scrolling down) and not up near the top of the Fourms listings in the "Firefighting" category?

    These "Federal" guys and gal's are on the line, doing the job, just like us municipal folks are. These folks were on the "front line" on 9-11 at the Pentagon and many displayed some real heroism there.

    How's about giving them "equal billing" and bumping their "Forum" up to the "Firefighting" category.

    I mean, let's be real... You have "Investigation and Mitigation," and "Fire Explorer & Jr. Firefighting" in the "Firefighting" category....

    Nothing against those folks, but the "Federal Firefighters" certainly deserve to be in the "Firefighting" category as much, if not more, than folks in those categories, don't they?"

    Just a thought and my 2 cents....

    FB <br /> ------------------------------------------------

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    Webteam:<br />I agree with Devildog4 and FB. Let's move the Federal FF forum up w/ the rest of the "Firefighting" forums.
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    The Federal section is listed with the Career and Volunteer sections. Is that the wrong place? <img src="confused.gif" border="0">

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