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    Angry Syracuse Firefighter acting "professional"

    Here's a real "pro" as ffdra so formally called it for ya... Watch CNN and read about the Dumb *** Syracuse firefighter who placed PHONY 911 calls so he could get Truck Driving Experience..... GIVE ME A BREAK!!!!! <img src="mad.gif" border="0">
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    Thumbs down

    Its too bad these things happen... Im an explorer in the county of this incident, and it just makes me sick.. In the newspaper article related to this event, it says the firefighter was new and due to lack of calls, he called in 2 to "get experience" riding to calls. This is no excuse for this kind of action. He must not have noticed the amount of lives he put in danger, while going to these pranks.
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    ok....<br />I know CNN stated that the prank calls were made by a syracuse firefighter, that statment if false...it was made by a firefighter in a dept. outside the city of syracuse...He was a vol. that is in now way affilated with SFD, i dont think we should go bashing SFD they do a great job...

    my thoughts do not express those of my dept.<br />stay safe

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